Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Evolution of Aberration Nation: Creatives Speak


I'm working on a series of books about creatives and creativity utilizing over five years of Aberration Nation interview material, which includes nearly 1 million words. The books will be available in print, ebook, and audible formats.

Over 80 creatives including Pulitzer Prize winners, bestselling authors, award winning musicians, highly successful artists, and more will share their thoughts on topics such as:

  • process
  • style
  • the difference between being creative and being gifted
  • motto
  • success
  • how their creativity has caused them issues or helped them in life
  • dealing with others
  • whether they create for expression or creation
  • who and what inspires their work
  • ah-ha moments
  • overcoming aberrations in life
  • and much more!
As I'm publishing these books myself (see post below), I expect to have the first one available by November, if not sooner.

The book cover shown above is a very, very early draft. I'm sure it will change but it makes for a good visual for now. The title is also a working title so it may change as well.

I'm extremely excited about this project! I'm 100% confident that no one has the data I have, and I can't wait to slice and dice it!

I know these books will be a great contribution to the creative community and provide wonderful insight for individuals, young and old, who seek to understand the creative spirit.

Full speed ahead!

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